Tyngsboro Youth Lacrosse

Player Code of Conduct


Tyngsboro Youth Lacrosse Association Player Code of Conduct

Our mission is to teach the participants of the Tyngsboro Youth Lacrosse  Association to play lacrosse with skill, integrity, sportsmanship, and enjoyment.   We believe that in team sports, victories are not just achieved on the scoreboard.  We judge our success by our ability to impress these values on our young players.

As a member of the Tyngsboro Youth Lacrosse Association, I will:

1. Treat my fellow teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, and team parents with respect and dignity. Foul or abusive language/actions will not be tolerated and can result in expulsion from the game, practice, or even all remaining team events.

2. Refrain from criticizing teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, and team parents in TYLA events or other public forums, including social media.

3. Treat game officials with respect even when I do not agree with an officiating decision.

4. Demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times.

5. Offer positive encouragement and assistance to my teammates.

6. Strive to be the best lacrosse player that I can be, in both games and practices.

7. Understand and abide by the rules of the game.

8. Attend and participate in at least half of all weekly practices to play in the upcoming game. If for any reason I am not able to attend a team practice, game or function, I will contact my coach or team manager.

9. Ensure that I am properly and safely equipped in accordance with US Lacrosse and league (MYL) regulations.

10. Abide by any codes of conduct mandated by US Lacrosse, MYL,that may apply.

Any player who is deemed by the coach to exhibit unsportsmanlike conduct at a practice or a game (on or off the field) shall be removed from the game/practice and will not be eligible for reinstatement for that game or practice. If any player receives three dismissals from either practice or play, in aggregation, they will be immediately released from the team. If a player is released from a team, there will be no financial consideration provided to the player or parent.

I understand the conduct expected of me as a Tyngsboro Youth Lacrosse Association player. My failure to conduct myself in accordance with this Player Code of Conduct may result in the removal from my team.

Further, I agree to attend all hearings and meetings as may be required by the Tyngsboro Youth Lacrosse Association.