Tyngsboro Youth Lacrosse

Parent Code of Conduct

Tyngsboro Youth Lacrosse Association Parent Code of Conduct

Our mission is to teach the participants of the Tyngsboro Youth Lacrosse Association to play lacrosse with skill, integrity, sportsmanship, and enjoyment. We believe that in team sports, victories are not just achieved on the scoreboard. We judge our success by our ability to impress these values on our young players. We cannot accomplish this mission without your support and your agreement to act as adult role models.

As a result, we ask you to read and agree to abide by the following code of conduct for parents and guardians.

1. I will teach my child responsibility. I will: a. Ensure my child makes every effort to attend practices and games, on time. b. Ensure my child is picked up from practices and games at their conclusion. c. Advise the coach in the event my child cannot attend a practice or a game. I understand that prolonged absence from practice inhibits the development of individual skills and team concepts.

2. I will teach my child to respect other people. I will: a. Show respect to all players, coaches, parents, officials, and spectators. b. Not use foul language; nor will I ridicule or criticize the referee, coaches or other players in TYLA events or other public forums, including social media. c. Let the coach do the coaching from the appropriate side of the field in games and practices. I will not shout instructions to players from the sidelines. d. Wait at least 24 hours prior to communicating any complaints or suggestions to the coach. For more serious issues, I will contacts a Tyngsboro Youth Lacrosse Association Board Member.

3. I will teach my child that good sportsmanship is essential to the game of lacrosse. I will: a. Applaud a good effort in victory and defeat. b. Learn the Player's Code of Conduct and take advantage of every opportunity to reinforce this code with my child. c. Abide by any codes of conduct mandated by US Lacrosse and/or MYL that may apply.

I understand the conduct expected of me as a parent of a Tyngsboro Youth Lacrosse Association player. My failure to conduct myself in accordance with this Parental Code of Conduct may result in the removal of my child from his/her team.

I further agree that any disciplinary decisions made by the Tyngsboro Youth Lacrosse Association Board of Directors are final.